Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Truth in advertising is a very important principle; one we take very seriously at both The Turf and Gardening Store and To that end it is important for the home-owner to understand the quality of the seed they are purchasing and how much usable product the bag contains.

What's in the Bag Matters - Know What You're Buying

Treated V.S. Coated Seed: Simply put, a coating adds weight to the seed as well as taking up room in the bag. So the seed bag may claim to weigh 50lbs. and probably does. But the question the homeowner must ask is, how many pounds of seed am I actually getting? The visual shown above tells the story and answers the question.

The application of a treatment does not add weight nor volume to the seed. So if you purchase 50lbs. of treated seed, you can be sure of getting 50lbs. of usable grass seed. Why? Because the treatment adds no measurable weight to the seed.

Not true for coated grass seed. Unfortunately, if you purchase a treated seed you are not getting the amount of seed you might expect. To that point, note the number of seeds in each pound of seed sold by The Turf and Gardening Store V.S. the other listed suppliers.

Not only are you getting your money's worth from us but the patented treatment we apply to our turf type tall fescue seed is field proven. groSMART Technologies provides a grass requiring less water, less nutrient inputs at sowing and overall a more sustainable and disease resistant lawn.