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In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of

Happy First Father’s Day in
Heaven. You are missed and
loved beyond words.

We love you,
Dawn, Brandon and KK

In Loving Memory of
Claude Sterner


‘Tis a fearful thing-to love
what death can touch.
A fearful thing- to love, to
hope, to dream, to be- To
be, and oh, to lose; A thing
for fools, this; And a holy
thing, A holy thing to love;
For your life has lived in
me- Your laugh once lifted
me. Your word was gift
to me. To remember this
brings painful joy. ‘Tis a
human thing, love- A holy
thing- to love what death
has touched.



Barry S.


You were there to see us
take our first breath, and I
was there to see you take
your last. I didn’t realize
that morning, the pain that
rainy afternoon would
bring to our hearts. You
instilled in us awareness of
being there for every trial
or tribulation we faced.
In return, we reminded
you daily of our presence
powerless, while you
fought your silent battle,
never giving up. Your
smile was contagious and
In Loving Memory of your one of a kind sense of
humor always made boring
more entertaining.
Your exit was quick. I was
Happy Father’s Day Dad
so scared; heaven saw you
were tired and had fought a
We miss you
strong fight. I tried to help
Kathy - Leah
you that day but Mommy
- Rex - Dwight - let me know you were with
Mickey - Crystal
her, so we had to let you
go. Often staring at your
picture, just to embrace your
smile, listening to videos so
we don’t forget your voice,
is how we get by. Not a day
passes we don’t think of you
and Mommy. I dream of
the day I’ll get to see your
loving faces again. Until
Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Etta and Family

In Loving Memory of

‘Happy Father’s Day’
We Love You Daddy!
Your Children, Sonia,
Lisa, And Charles

Michael (Mike)


Happy Father’s Day in
We miss you
every day!

In Loving Memory of

Your Loving
Laura and Wife, Marie

Charles E.


In Loving Memory of

Happy Father’s Day
Charles, Dad, PaPa

You are loved and missed
each day. We have
wonderful memories of the
caring husband, father and
grandfather you were. You
were a friend to so many.
The years are passing fast
but our love for you will
endure forever.

Your Loving Family,
June, Tony & Debbie,
Kim & Richard, Brittany,
Debbie, Frankie and

Rev. John L.


6/6/1924 ~ 12/2/2004
On Father’s Day

In Loving Memory of
John Willie


9/18/1941 ~ 2/22/2011

Happy Father’s
Day in Heaven.
We love and
miss you Dad

Smith Family

Death never
takes the wise
man by surprise,
he is always
ready to go.
Sadly missed by,
Doris, Joy, Juanita &

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Remembering you
on Father’s Day and everyday
our Husband, Father &
who left us February 21, 2001

Clarence Jett

Always in our Hearts,
Wife, Dorothy Layman
& Family


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