TOWN OF BLACKSBURG NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS BLACKSBURG TOWN COUNCIL will hold public hearings on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. in the Roger E. Hedgepeth Chambers of the Blacksburg Municipal Building, 300 South Main Street, Blacksburg, regarding the following items: 1. Ordinance #1921 - An Ordinance To Amend Zoning Ordinance Section 1153 Regarding The Posting Of Property Subject To Land Use Public Hearings. This will improve the process of posting notices for land use public hearings such as rezonings, conditional use permits and variances. The proposed amendments include changing the required text on the signs; revising how the number of signs to be posted is determined; removing the option to have staff post the property for the applicant; and giving the Planning Commission the ability to defer a hearing date if determined that failure to comply with this section has deprived the public of reasonable notice of the public hearing. 2. Ordinance #1951 - An Ordinance Adding Section 14-114 To Chapter 14 Of The Town Code To Prohibit The Possession of Firearms In Town Buildings, Facilities And Certain Rights of Way. As authorized by Virginia Code Section 15.2-915, Ordinance #1951 would prohibit firearms in town buildings, parks, recreation centers and certain rights of way. If adopted, the prohibition on possessing firearms on public streets or rights-of- way will only apply when these areas are used as part of a permitted event. 3. Ordinance #1953 - An Ordinance To Amend Town Code Section 12-414 Regarding The Enforcement Of Certain Parking Regulations. This addresses the enforcement of certain parking regulations by amending the Town Code to establish penalties for parking violations, setting ticketing procedures, and clarifying a process for contesting citations issued. 4. Recommended Capital Improvement Program - FY2021/2022 through 2025/2026. This is a five year plan involving the Town Manager's recommendations of funding of capital improvement projects for fiscal years 2022 through 2026. A separate display ad published on Sunday, December 27, 2020 describes the proposed Capital Improvement Program. 5. Town Charter Amendment - In accordance with Virginia Code § 15.2-202, the Town has submitted a request to the General Assembly for a town charter amendment. Specifically, the Town is proposing to add the following new provision to its Charter regarding the acceptance of proffers in rezonings: § 2.05. Acceptance of certain proffers Because of the pressures created by the demand for student housing in a university community, the Town of Blacksburg has a significant shortage of housing for its long term residents. As part of efforts to create housing opportunities for these residents (including workforce and affordable housing), the Town Council is authorized to accept, as part of residential re-zonings, voluntary proffered conditions that would limit or prohibit occupancy by undergraduate students or persons under the age of twenty-three (unless such persons are part of a family). For such proffered conditions to be accepted, the Town of Blacksburg would be required to designate areas in its comprehensive plan where student housing is encouraged as well as areas intended for housing of long term residents where such proffered conditions could be accepted. All persons affected by or interested in the proposed ordinances, the recommended Five Year Capital Improvement Plan, and/or the proposed amendment to the Blacksburg Town Charter may appear and present their views. In compliance with Public Health Emergency social distancing protocols, seating in the Council Chambers will be limited. Citizens are encouraged, but not required, to submit comments to the Town Council by e-mail and stream the hearings live online at www.blacksburg .gov or watch the meeting live on Comcast Cable TV, WTOB Channel 2. After the public hearing, Town Council will consider action on the item. Copies of the items scheduled for public hearing are on file and can be obtained in the Office of the Town Clerk, 300 South Main Street, Blacksburg, weekdays between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance to attend and participate in this meeting should contact Donna Boone-Caldwell, Town Clerk at (540) 443-1025 or 443-1000 (voice or TDD). (1169062)


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