TOWN OF BLACKSBURG - NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS BLACKSBURG TOWN COUNCIL will hold public hearings on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. in the Roger E. Hedgepeth Chambers of the Blacksburg Municipal Building, 300 South Main Street, Blacksburg, regarding the following items: 1. Ordinance #1952 - An Ordinance Authorizing The Conveyance Of A Utility Easement To Appalachian Power Company On Town Property At 2800 Commerce Street. This will authorize a utility easement for location of an underground electric power line on Town property located at the Blacksburg Transit facility. 2. Conditional Use Permit - 1117 South Main Street. Request for General Office Use on 0.419 acres located in the R-5 Transitional Residential Zoning District. This is a request to convert an existing single-family structure for use as a real estate office. Changes to the site include widening of the driveway and construction of eight parking spaces behind the house. The Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map designation is Medium Density Residential, which allows residential units with up to and including ten dwelling units per acre or up to 20 bedrooms per acre, whichever is less. This request does not affect residential density. Limited non-residential uses are allowed in the R-5 District by Conditional Use Permit. All persons affected by or interested in the proposed ordinance and conditional use permit may appear and present their views. In compliance with Public Health Emergency social distancing protocols, seating in the Council Chambers will be limited. Citizens are encouraged, but not required, to submit comments to the Town Council by e-mail and stream the hearings live online at or watch the meeting live on Comcast Cable TV, WTOB Channel 2. After the public hearing, Town Council will consider action on the item. Copies of the items scheduled for public hearing are on file and can be obtained in the Office of the Town Clerk, 300 South Main Street, Blacksburg, weekdays between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance to attend and participate in this meeting should contact Donna Boone-Caldwell, Town Clerk at (540) 443-1025 or 443-1000 (voice or TDD). (1158124)


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