VIRGINIA: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY SPRADLIN FARM, INC. Plaintiff Case No. CL20002496-00 v. MAGGIE JOHNSON, AND/OR THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST AND/OR ASSIGNS OF MAGGIE JOHNSON, AND PARTIES UNKNOWN, Defendants ORDER OF PUBLICATION TO: Maggie Johnson, and/or the unknown heirs, devisees, successors in interest and/or assigns of Maggie Johnson, and parties unknown. The object of this suit is to obtain title to the hereinafter described property and to quiet title by adverse possession to a certain 3/4-acre tract being property located in Montgomery County, Tax Map No.: 556-A-26, which property was transferred by a quit claim deed dated September 2, 1999, reordered in Deed Book 1090, at page 474, and that prior to that conveyance there had been no transaction by Maggie Johnson after acquired the property by deed dated January 4, 1898. An Affidavit having been made and signed that, after careful and diligent inquiry as to the whereabouts of Maggie Johnson, her last known address is unkown and that there may be unkown heirs, devisees, successors in interest and/or assigns of Maggie Johnson whose identities, names, locations and addresses are unknown, it is hereby ORDERED that each of the said parties appear on or before December 20,2020, and do whatever is neccesary to protect their interest in this land. It is further ORDERED that this Order of Publication be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the New River Valley Edition of the RoanokeTimes a newspaper of general circulation in the County of Montgomery. Erica W. Conner, Clerk By Ashley D. Smith, Deputy Clerk Clek of Circuit Court of Monthomery County Date: 10/22/20. I ASK FOR THIS Kendall O. Clay (VSB #12702) 1210 Grove Avenue Post Office Box 852 Radford, Virginia 24143 (540) 639-9623 (540) 633-1275 Fax Counsel for Plantiff (1149875)


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