Details for Town of Blacksburg


Notice of Public Hearing Town of Blacksburg Planning Commission Tuesday, June 6, 2023 Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of the Town of Blacksburg will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 beginning at 6:30 PM in the Roger E. Hedgepeth Council Chamber, 300 South Main St, Blacksburg, VA on the following item: SUB 23-0001-Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Review for 55 lots on 36.00 acres at 2150 Progress Street NW for Northside Park-Revised Section XII, CC & B Development, LLC (owner). Review of the preliminary plat for a major subdivision of 55 lots on 36 acres north and west of the existing Northside Park neighborhood, between where Progress Street currently ends in a T-intersection with Northside Drive and Claire Drive. A preliminary plat for this area was approved on November 9, 2011 but never developed. Several proposed changes are different from the 2011 preliminary plat. The area is zoned R-4 Low Density Residential, which allows for single-family detached homes only. No change to the zoning is proposed. The applicant has requested three variances to the Town of Blacksburg Subdivision Ordinance: Section 5-305 to allow a cul-de-sac street instead of the continuation of an existing street; Section 5-317 for a proposed block of Claire Drive to exceed maximum block length; and Section 5-320 to construct the adjacent portion of Progress Street without medians required for a collector road. Persons affected by or interested in the major subdivision preliminary plat review may appear and present their views. After the hearing, the Planning Commission will take action. Copies of the preliminary plat and all related items may be found online at or reviewed in person at the Blacksburg Planning and Building Department, 400 South Main Street, Blacksburg, Virginia. You may also call the office at (540) 443-1300 for more information. Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance to attend and participate in the public hearing on the above should contact the Planning & Building Department at (540) 443-1300, or (540)-443-1000-TDD.