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Nothing about this school year has been normal for college students. Amid cautious campus reopenings, setbacks have arisen. In recent weeks, a college hockey game in Utica, New York, ended mid-period due to a player’s positive Covid-19 test; the University of California, Davis, offered students $75 grants to opt out of spring break travel; and […]

If secretly taking out a life insurance policy on someone else shortly before that person meets with an untimely end seems like something that only happens in the movies, you’d be right. Insurers won’t let you buy a policy for another adult without that person’s knowledge. That doesn’t mean purchasing life insurance on someone else […]

Families with children who have disabilities can save for their children’s future, including attendance at a higher education institution, in an Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE, account. The Weinsteins are one of those families. “My 16-year old son, Eli, has severe autism and will likely live out his adult years in a group […]