NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED GENERAL OBLIGATION BOND FINANCING BY THE TOWN OF BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA Notice is hereby given that the Town Council of the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia (the "Town") will hold a public hearing in accordance with Section 15.2-2606 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended, on the issuance of general obligation capital improvement bonds of the Town in the estimated maximum amount of $8,000,000 (the "Bonds") to finance the costs of acquiring, constructing and equipping capital improvements for which bond proceeds have been appropriated pursuant to the Town's capital improvement program, as it may be amended from time to time hereafter. The Town expects to use more than ten percent of the proceeds of the Bonds to finance all or a portion of the costs of (1) acquiring, constructing, equipping and developing of a new Police Department, (2) purchasing the old Blacksburg High School, Blacksburg, Virginia, and (3) constructing, equipping and developing of a the Progress Street Parking Garage. All expected uses of bond proceeds are subject to change in accordance with the Town's capital expenditure needs and Virginia law. The Town Council of the Town (the "Town Council") has approved an ordinance authorizing the Bonds (the "Ordinance") on first reading on June 9, 2020, and will consider the Ordinance for final enactment on July 14, 2020. The Ordinance, among other things, (i) authorizes the issuance of the Bonds; (ii) pledges the full faith and credit of the Town to the payment of the Bonds and (iii) provides for the form and other details of the Bonds. The public hearing, which may be continued or adjourned, will be held at 6:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard on July 14, 2020, before the Town Council in the Roger E. Hedgepeth Chambers of the Town's Municipal Building, 300 S. Main St., Blacksburg, Virginia. Copies of the Ordinance, along with further information, can be obtained in the Office of the Town Clerk, 300 S. Main St., Blacksburg, Virginia, weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance to attend and participate in this meeting should contact Donna W. Boone-Caldwell, Town Clerk, at (540) 961-1147 or 961-1100 (voice or TDD). (1105229)


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