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7 fun movies that serve up food for thought
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7 fun movies that serve up food for thought

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"Food is love” is something you’ve heard a million times if you’ve watched “Top Chef” or just about any series where the stars wield saucepans. But in the movies, food is not just love. It’s everything.

The classic example is “Like Water for Chocolate,” where an unfortunate young woman’s dreams are thwarted by her family. In both the movie and the novel on which it’s based, her emotions — passion, disappointment, sorrow — become ingredients in the food she cooks. The characters who eat what she whips up experience sensual pleasure, worry, even death.

Many films, including “Babette’s Feast,” “Tampopo” and “Eat Drink Man Woman,” focus on chopping and flambeing, but movies don’t have to be about food to be about food.

The following movies are fun and, as a bonus, provide food for thought.


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