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Cornershot: Love's moonlight shines on

Cornershot: Love's moonlight shines on

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I’ve often thought of love like the moon — it goes through so many phases and stages during the course of our lives. Oh, the starry-eyed stage when you couldn’t eat or sleep and your love, like a full moon, kept you awash in daydreams.

The blissful stage when you’re first married and everything is so new, like that moon, and you and your partner are so eager to please each other.

Then the “half moon” stage when you barely see each other, trying to raise a family, grow your careers and not go totally insane in the process.

But I have come to find the comfortable stage in the winter of my life to be the sweetest. As “third quarter moons,” you come to accept each other with all the eccentricities, all the infinitely annoying habits — and all the goodness as well.

The other day while taking my daily walk, I got caught in a hailstorm. Not only was it unexpected, it was downright painful as the ice and rain hit me directly in the face full force.

My walk turned into a run as I wondered how I was going to make it home. Just as that thought entered my mind, I looked up to see my husband’s car searching our streets to pick me up.

That is love.

It seems every song on the radio has something to do with love: unrequited, jealous, all-consuming. But for me, love will forever be the sight of my sweet husband driving in a hailstorm to find his other “moon.”

— Loni Bier, a reader in Daleville

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