So let’s talk teacher leadership, and whether great educators should spend more time in the classroom and if so how?

The Teachers of Promise Institute is funded by the Promise Foundation, which was created by local teacher Wade Whitehead.  He said essentially what the organization is all about is teacher leadership.

Wade and I recently got a chance to sit down and talk for the story, and I found one of his passions is looking for ways to keep great teachers in the classroom.

Some of his ideas are talked about in the story, such as giving teachers a role in evaluation practices, having differentiated staffing levels, having teachers run professional development and having experienced educators work with newbies.

He’s hoping to create a discussion about ways to keep educators in the classroom. So I hoped we might be able to start some of that conversation here.

Do you school system’s need to find more ways to keep good teachers in the classroom? If so, do you have any ideas about how? And what about teacher leadership? What does that look like?

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