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    Violence, tear gas and a deadly crush that erupted following a domestic league soccer match Saturday night marked another tragedy in Indonesian football. Emotions often run high for sports fans, and Indonesia is no stranger to soccer violence. Saturday's chaos occurred when a disappointing loss led to fans throwing objects and swarming the soccer pitch, then to police firing tear gas, which led to a crush of people trying to escape. At least 125 have died. Indonesia’s soccer association has banned host team Arema from hosting matches for the remainder of the season.

      Cameroon has banned skin-lightening products following a spate of high profile cases of users developing skin cancer, but shops continue to sell the products and the products fly off the shelf, with many women saying they feel under pressure to use them to meet perceived standards of beauty.

      When and if an island nation fully submerges due to climate change, what happens to the nationalities of its citizens? This and other related questions are being considered by island nations advocating for changes to international law as climate change threatens their very existence. The issue of protecting sovereignty is a top priority for many Pacific islands leaders. During the United Nations General Assembly last week, leaders of Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands and Kiribati called on the international community to preserve the sovereignty of Pacific island countries, finance adaptation programs and support an initiative to preserve cultural heritage.


      Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed treaties to annex occupied areas of Ukraine and said he would use “all available means” to protect the territory that Ukrainian and western officials said Moscow was claiming illegitimately and in violation of international law.

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