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Taylor: Disaster descending on Virginia public schools

Taylor: Disaster descending on Virginia public schools

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Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor

In his book of rambling essays titled “Orthodoxy,” G. K. Chesterton described the theory of evolution as an assault upon the mind, upon rational thought itself. A pretty startling observation, but I believe he was right, and more prophetic than he knew. All living cells contain microscopic bio-motors; and the DNA molecules in every living cell process information thousands of times faster than a silicon mega chip. You can believe if you want that this miracle of design emerged from a series of blind chemical accidents in the primordial ooze. If you close your eyes tight and believe hard enough, you can. But as Chesterton said, you must first suspend logic and rational thought.

Then having left rational thought behind, you can go on to believe human sexuality, with its genders of male and female, just evolved by blind chance too. And if God did not create humankind as male and female (as a certain old-fashioned religious book says he did) then God cannot object if we humans arrange things to suit ourselves. We can ignore science and 6,000 years of human history and every major religion on earth and say we all have the right to choose our own gender. And, hey, let’s make them interchangeable and fluid. A biological female can claim her “gender identity” to be a girl one day and a boy the next, depending on her (his?) inner feelings. And what right do her (his?) parents or school teachers have to object or interfere?

Welcome to the wild new world of “transgenderism,” and the disaster about to descend upon Virginia’s public schools, courtesy of our Democrat-controlled General Assembly and our Democratic governor. Two bills (HB145 and SB161) passed into law last year by Virginia’s General Assembly will require the state’s public schools to, in essence, waste time, effort and taxpayer money to deal with students’ “gender identity” issues.

Under the guidelines mandated by this law, schools should help students make decisions about their gender identity without parents being necessarily informed. Parents may be reported if they “abuse” their child by objecting to his or her changing to a sexual identity different from the one at birth. School teachers and staff will soon be required to recognize biologically male students as females if they so claim to be, and vice versa. Boys who claim to be girls must be allowed to use girl’s restrooms, locker rooms and showers, and vice versa.

The guidelines caution teachers and staff not to question or interfere with any students’ choice of which restroom they will use. Teachers who refuse to go along with this lunacy can be disciplined or even fired. In fact, already a Christian teacher in Loudon County has been recently fired because he refused to use feminine pronouns when addressing a biological boy who identified as a female.

It is not hard to imagine the mental and psychological damage, the stress and confusion this madness will inflict on impressionable children and young people. Gov. Ralph Northam and the Democratic members of the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate should hang their heads in shame at what they are doing to Virginia’s children and families.

It’s important to remember these two bills were passed almost exclusively along party lines with Democrats voting in favor, and Republicans opposing. It’s not surprising this sort of thing would come from a legislative body controlled by Democrats, since the Democratic Party by and large has canceled the Creator God of America’s heritage in favor of an evolutionary worldview.

Chesterton’s observation that evolution is the enemy of rational thought is certainly being born out in Virginia, the once proud cradle of liberty, now living with the chaos that godless Darwinian thinking always produces.

Is there a way out of this? One direct course of action suggests itself. Virginians should refuse to vote for any Democrat on the ballot this November, or in any election in the foreseeable future. The formula is simple: No vote for any Democrat for any office at any time and any place. That alone would go a long way in restoring Virginia to the liberty and sanity we once knew.

Taylor, retired from the Norfolk Southern Corp., lives in Roanoke and is the author of several novels.

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