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Zangana: Trump didn't abridge Muslims' rights

Zangana: Trump didn't abridge Muslims' rights

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Serwan Zangana

Serwan Zangana

By Serwan Zangana

Zangana is a corrections officer in the Roanoke Valley.

The minorities, including Muslims, in America have been the target of the Democrats in the elections. As we see the democratic nominee, Joe Biden’s online summit, that hosted by Emgage Action organization is touting the Islam and urging the Muslims to vote against President Trump. Interpreting President Trump’s executive orders reversely and altering the core purpose of the president’s action create a negative perception in the public’s mind, which is Biden’s strategy in his summit.

In the summit, Joe Biden is promising the Muslims in America, if he is elected, to end the travel ban and speaks against the abuses of the Muslim minority in the world. Biden is building his case by telling the Muslims of how they have been forgotten and never received the recognition which they deserve in America. It is an attempt to create a connection line to win their votes in November. To a Muslim as myself, this is not a new technique that Democrats are using to snatch the minorities’ votes. The Muslims in America have to be conscious and realize the Democrats and their liberal agenda is not serving our principles and belief, and the norms and values of Islam are not aligned with the Democrats’ agenda.

To look back at the policy of former President Barack Obama, who had Joe Biden as a vice president, the Muslims around the world have experienced a great suffer. As a vice president, Joe Biden was alongside with former president Obama in approving each policy to dealing with the Muslim world. In 2011, Joe Biden did not place himself on the opposition side of the military intervention in Libya that resulted in destroying the country. He neither objected funding the anti-government groups to fight in Syria which caused, until today, an immense humanitarian crises that resulted in loosing thousands of Muslims’ lives.

Continuing with his propaganda, Biden is stating, “Under this administration we have seen unconscionable and unconscionable rise in Islamophobia.” He is claiming that president Trump’s policy has resulted in rising the Islamophobia. The Islamophobia’s rise was the result of the September 11 attack in 2001, and later, the attacks on the European countries prior to President Trump’s election in 2016. It is a psychological reaction of human being toward actions of certain groups in an event of incident or terror attack conducted by such group. This reaction has created the Islamophobia. However, blaming President Trump is misleading to the Muslims, and carries political purposes. Trump has not promoted wars across the world; shifting the troops and reducing the military personnel was part of his agenda. The Democrats are coloring the picture differently to the American people; they are attempting to establish a coalition to include the Muslims to shift away the voters from Trump in November.

Biden in the summit is calling President Trump’s travel ban on some Muslim countries a “vile Muslim ban.” As a Muslim, I am compelled to mention that President Trump’s travel ban ruling is not a violation of Muslim rights in the United States. Our rights as Muslims are not abridged, and we are participating in many aspects in America. There are many Muslims who are members of the local, state, and federal government; under the Constitution of the United States we are organizing and practicing our Islamic faith, freely.

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