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    New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat, expressed skepticism about a potential new Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the United States and Iran on Fox News Sunday: “I want the administration to know that no deal is better than a bad deal.”

      In the July 21 edition of The Roanoke Times, columnist John Long hazards some guesses about current labor shortages in many sectors of the U.S. economy and expectations about how a free market would adjust (“Free market will adjust to workers shortage”).

        We all know that we live in a rapidly changing world, where ideas, plans, programs and processes eventually become less effective and less relevant over time. This inescapable fact of life is evident as we listen and watch organizations and agencies and those who direct and speak for them.

        In these isolating times of COVID coupled with national unrest, most people in our country need to be lifted through words of affirmation that we speak to each other. Add mental illness to life’s uncertainty, and it is like dousing a fire with gasoline. My mental illness has taught me to be …

        I’ve been on a two-week vacation in Rome, and one of the great things about being in a foreign country where they have real problems to worry about (including unexpectedly fallen governments) is that the first-world problems of the woke and culturally oppressed don’t make much of an impact.

        State Sen. John Edwards, D-Roanoke, wrote a July 17 op-ed (“The Dobbs decision overruling Roe v. Wade is wrong”) claiming that the Dobbs decision “overrules almost 50 years of constitutional ‘liberty’ rights of women to decide important personal decisions under Roe v. Wade (1973). The Dobbs …


        Regarding the recent article on changing Williamson Road to only two lanes, I know of no one who lives near or drives on it who is in favor or restricting lanes. This includes friends or strangers who have spoken on this subject.

        Some of my family, including two little ones, were excited to see the new child’s movie "Lightyear." I was highly dismayed to see this child’s movie used as an instrument to display homosexual, unbiblical behavior. We left the movie midway, after taking part in a mutually respectful conversa…

        “Justice” Samuel Alito and his cronies (I call them this for I don’t consider them "just"-ices) struck down Roe v. Wade through an absurd opinion that is referred to as “originalist.” If something is not included in the Constitution, then it is unconstitutional.

        Response to the Letter to the Editor "Youngkin should focus on job he has, not job he wants" [July 24]: So Stuart Boblett is disappointed by how Youngkin is governing Virginia. The governor is focusing on himself just like 90% of the other GOP members. Youngkin is goal-oriented for Youngkin.

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