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Letter: No mandate for flu vaccines

Letter: No mandate for flu vaccines


So President Biden (or whoever it is that is running the White House: The Great Oz, behind the curtain?) now wants to “mandate” COVID-19 vaccines, does he (them)?

Here’s some scientific data gleaned from a brief internet perusal of CDC data available on the internet:

According to the CDC, each year in the last decade, an estimated 36,000 Americans have died from influenza. In the 2017-2018 influenza season alone, 61,000 Americans died from influenza!

So tens of thousands of Americans die from influenza every year, and yet there is no “mandate” to force individuals to receive an influenza vaccine each year.

If someone doesn’t want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s none of my business (or the government’s business, for that matter) just as it’s no one’s business who does or doesn’t receive an influenza vaccine each year. Americans have the personal freedom of choice to “roll the dice” in their private lives, in many ways.

So it’s all about “science,” is it? So the COVID-19 pandemic will kill us all if everyone isn’t vaccinated, President Biden? Oh, except for 600-odd thousand United States Postal Service workers (excused from this goofy idea, for some “scientific” reason).

Here's an idea (whether you're vaccinated, or not): Simply don't. Don't attend concerts. Don't attend sporting events. Don't attend anything you don't have to, where you are being required to "show your papers." The billionaires and government will show their true colors when their sales and tax receipts begin to dry up — you'll find that they are all about profits and tax revenue, and not so much about caring for Americans.

Perhaps the anti-vaxxers should adopt the tried-and-true mantra of pro-abortion activists: “My body! My choice!"

John Erskine, Roanoke


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