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Letter: A scheme to make it easier to know which voting districts are which

Letter: A scheme to make it easier to know which voting districts are which


Wouldn't it be nice...

...if each voting district in Virginia had a unique name so there would be no confusion?

Virginia is divided into 11 congressional districts, 40 state Senate districts, and 100 House of Delegates districts. Each set of districts is identified numerically starting with the number one. This results in multiple districts identified by the same number. There are three districts for each number 1-11. Likewise, there are two districts for each number 12-40.

When a district is referred to by number only, which often occurs, it hard to know if it is a congressional, state Senate, or House of Delegates district that is being referenced. If you have ever had trouble following a political discussion for this reason, you are not alone!

Duplication has also resulted in the unfortunate situation experienced by some Virginians that they vote in two different districts of the same name. One example is in Rockingham County where people vote in two districts numbered 26: House District #26 and Senate District #26.

One simple solution would be to leave the congressional districts as they are and renumber the State districts as follows:

Senate Districts would be numbered 100-139; and

House Districts would be numbered 200-299.

Not only would this system give every district a distinct number, it would immediately identify the districts as congressional, Senate, or House and it would give each category room for expansion.

If you agree, now is the time to contact the Virginia Supreme Court! It is in the process of redrawing state voting districts since the Redistricting Commission failed to do so. Your comments must be in letter form addressed to the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Virginia, and your letter must reference the Rules and Procedures for Implementing the Requirements of Article II, Section 6-A.

Send your comments to Let's make this happen!

Janet I. Trettner, Rockingham County


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