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Letter: A time for common sense

Letter: A time for common sense

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President Trump's accomplishments are amazing considering the vitriol endured from the biased media, uninformed public and Democrat leaders.

His policies made us energy independent for the first time and kept us out of international military conflicts. His policy directives established a sense of peace in the Middle East. He supported personnel and supplied material to maintain the safety of our southern border.

He established a strong economic recovery after the sluggish previous eight years. When the China virus hit the U.S., Trump acted early to restrict flights from China that saved thousands of lives. Trump had the drug industry speed the China virus vaccine development in less than a year.

Denouncing 70 million Trump supporters as extreme cultists denotes lack of intelligence and typical false labeling. By that logic, are Biden supporters cultists also?

After the national Capitol chaos, the Democratic House members overreacted in impeaching Trump without knowing the chaos started before he had finished speaking and that anti-Trump groups had been planning capitol disruption days prior. We will be witness to the second most costly Democrat run kangaroo impeachment trial.

Evaluation of President Biden during his first weeks in office demonstrates a lack of common sense by canceling the Keystone pipeline and making us no longer energy independent and putting thousands of people out of work. Our southern border will no longer be protected, so be ready for the masses coming. Boys who feel like girls can play in girls sports and they won’t even need a total sex change. The background of our continuing health czar Dr. Fauci should be studied in more detail. Read the book "Plague of Corruption" by Dr. Mikovits, etal with forward by R.F. Kennedy, Jr. Additionally, Dr. Fauci is reported to have a unique financial interest in the virus research at the Wuhan lab.

Epoch times to watch as Biden-Harris return to Obama-Biden days of stagnation and racial divide. Until then we need to wait for more common sense from Daleville.

James Hardell, Blacksburg


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