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Letter: Abortion should always be an option

Letter: Abortion should always be an option

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I just read Cindy Shirley's letter "Election is chance to end abortion" (Oct. 10 letter) and I must say to believe making abortion illegal again will end the practice is delusional. Abortion has been around since there have been men and women procreating. As a child of the 1950s and '60s I remember the horror stories of "back alley" abortions; quack doctors who didn't know what they were doing; of women being mutilated and unable to have children later in life all because safe, clean facilities weren't available to them. Sometimes an unwanted pregnancy needs to be terminated for many different reasons -- incest, rape, drug use, known birth defects, financial hardship, etc.

Conservatives always care a great deal about the rights of the "unborn" but never seem to care what happens after the unwanted child is born. Yes, adoption is a wonderful option however, how many of these anti-abortionists are willing to adopt a drug-addicted baby who will certainly have medical issues throughout his/her life? Or the baby born with multiple birth defects that cause enormous financial hardships? Or a child of incest which can lead to multiple mental/physical issues later on? If precautionary measures are used and a pregnancy still occurs then abortion should always be an option for the woman.

No woman should ever be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to full term. It's barbaric.

Regina Norman, Roanoke

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