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Letter: Americans must work together

Letter: Americans must work together

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Our country is in serious trouble. Our democratic republic is in danger of disintegrating. We are at a critical crossroads and must begin working together to heal the division tearing our great nation apart. We must reunite to stand up for the truth.

The main truth we need to stand up for is the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election. Joe Biden won the election with 306 electoral votes and 7 million more popular votes than his opponent. Tragically, after this election, then- President Donald Trump began a daily public campaign spreading his dangerous conspiracy theory that the election had been stolen from him even though there was absolutely no proof. His dozens of court cases were summarily dismissed. The United States Supreme Court refused twice to take up his argument. The Georgia Secretary of State refused Trump’s illegal request to invent enough votes to give him Georgia’s electoral votes. Vice President Mike Pence refused Trump’s illegal request to nullify the electoral votes.

This dangerous lie has spread like wildfire, leading to the Jan. 6 insurrection and attempted coup, resulting in several deaths, scores of injured police officers, and the desecration of our beautiful Capitol. Unbelievably, after fleeing from this domestic terrorist mob and staying in lockdown for several hours, most Republican Congressmen including Morgan Griffith voted to reject the electoral counts, breaking their oath to the Constitution.

We must also stand up for truth in science. Too many elected officials in Washington and across the country have demonized the COVID vaccines and the wearing of masks. These measures aren’t about individual freedom. They are about defeating this deadly pandemic. As the Pope recently observed, “Getting the vaccine [and wearing masks] is an act of love.”

So, let’s start working together by getting our news from reliable sources, by holding our elected officials accountable for the truth, and by showing the same spirit that our parents and grandparents showed during WWII to defeat fascism. Let’s show the world that we can save our democratic republic and make it stronger than ever.

Patricia Becraft, Wytheville

Sara Jennings, Marion


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