Why am I confused on what's going on? Each night it gets worse, now a store owner is shot and killed in trying to save his life's bread and butter. If we don't have enough police and National Guard to save the lives of innocent people then what is the answer, just let the shooting, looting and killing continue until there's nothing left of a city?

What, please tell me is the option? Bring in the military and have them spread all over a city, only to have the  shooting, looting and killing move further out to continue unchecked? I don't know....What's the answer?

I do know what I heard from presidential candidate Joe Biden's speech this morning and I don't care what your political persuasion is or what Biden's mistakes and wrongs are from the past, no man is perfect.

Biden's example this morning was a perfect example of the words that we should have been hearing from "A" president, which heretofore since 2016 we have not had.



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