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Letter: Biden's promised revolution

Letter: Biden's promised revolution

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The rioting, looting, and anarchy preceding an election, or transfer of power, is not unprecedented. Nor is the vitriol and dislike for the leader being deposed, unusual. We certainly should not be surprised when rampant lawlessness alarms citizens about their well-being and safety. But current terrorism, sponsored by Democrats, and their surrogates, due to systemic hatred of President Trump, is not only disgraceful but inexplicable!

Ironically, this chaos follows the “script” of the Bolsheviks‘ takeover of power in Russia in 1917. Comrade Lenin was leader of this revolution, and mayhem, rioting and chaos prevailed throughout Russia. It was a revolution to transform Russia, from Tzars to Communism. Sound familiar?

It should, because that’s all Progressive Dems have been talking about — Russia, Russia, Russia. For three years it was Trump/Russia collusion, which Mueller could not find, and proved to be a hoax. Then there was Bernie, and the squad pushing socialism/Marxism, which took Ol’ Joe farther left. Then Biden and his handlers, described their campaign as a revolution, to “transform America,” from its founding.

While “Regime Change” is accomplished by lawlessness and intimidation in China, Russia, Venezuela and third world nations, it has no place in the USA. We are a Constitutional Republic, where every citizen has a vote, and intimidating mobs don’t. But this requires law and order, not disorder and chaos. We should not vote for a party that sends the mobs out, and wants to “defund the police.”

And finally, the Israel/U.A.E. Agreement announced by Pompeo last week is the first legitimate step in history, that could build a lasting peace in the area. It’s been sought for decades, Trump got it done. This is “Nobel Peace Prize” worthy.

Democrats always start radical ideas by saying we should have a “conversation” about it, but it never happens. Soros “paid thugs” go out, break windows, burn and loot, and hurt people most vulnerable in their neighborhoods. Some conversation.

Is your hatred for Trump worth the kind of “transformation” of our country that Biden’s election would bring? Do you really want your family to be raised under a Marxist/socialist regime?



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