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Letter: Churches, live what you preach

Letter: Churches, live what you preach

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Church attendance in America is on the decline. In a recent 2020 Gallup poll Americans level of trust in religious leaders has sunk to 37%, the lowest the Gallop has ever recorded. Two-thirds of all American churches are experiencing no growth and a decline in numbers.

As a person who identifies himself as a Christian I am troubled by these statistics, but understand some reasons why these trends are occurring. For the past several years my wife and I have repeatedly tried to become members of a church where we could be engaged and help promote its vitality. Sadly each time we were disappointed and dismayed by the churches weak and apathetic response to our eagerness to serve. While the Word of God was preached with truth and sincerity their action did not line up with their doctrine. So it is understandable that many people do not trust church leaders and organized religion.

About a year ago I volunteered to help one of the largest churches in Roanoke with their media ministry. As an experienced television producer and host I thought that I would be welcomed with open arms and be a blessing to the church and its congregation. Unfortunately the leadership was all talk. For whatever reason I was put on hold and almost completely disregarded except for one pastor who earnestly tried to get me involved with no success. He was very perplexed as to why the church was so uncaring.

This is exactly why people are leaving churches and organized religion. Preaching the Word of God in truth is important, living it out is essential for growth. Churches and their leaders must examine themselves in a truthful manner. Are they living what they preach ? Or are they acting like a civic organization? I'm holding on to my faith, a church that sees my gifts and talents will be blessed as I will be blessed by it. Wake up Christian churches here in Roanoke and in America! Make the changes and live what you preach.

John Salas, Roanoke


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