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Letter: Colleges and universities must keep costs in check

I applaud the political cartoon in the Aug. 29 paper showing President Biden in front of piles of money saying, "This is for all those who have student loans ... and your vote!" I am infuriated that my hard-earned tax dollars are simply being given away. Should I say "thrown away"? This public funds giveaway is socialism, pure and simple. By the way, I would have said the same if a Republican president had done the same pandering stunt.

I get it that student loans are high. I get it that education costs are high and getting ever higher. For that we have the governing boards of the institutions of higher learning to blame. They should, no, must hold university and college administrations to account for rising costs and compel them to not increase tuition. Having been a manager at the federal level and university level I know all too well the mantra of "use it or lose it." If a manager doesn't spend all of their allocated budget and ask for an increase next budget cycle, they'll lose funds. Therein lies the problem.

Managers should be rewarded for prudently saving, not spending, funds. Which brings us back to governing boards. They must compel administrations to save money and not authorize tuition/fee increases. If administrators don't hold the line on budgets, do not give them raises. If the governing boards don't hold the administrations accountable, then the board members must be held accountable. Read: replaced.

J.C. Hassall, Blacksburg 

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