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Letter: Consider what Christ said and did

Letter: Consider what Christ said and did

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I would like to comment on Susan Brown’s assertion that “Trump is flawed but only option” (Sept 20 letter).

Speaking as a Christian, Brown claims that while Trump “does not appear Christian in word or attitude, his official acts support Christian values.” She goes on to say that Trump is “the only pro-life, pro-Christian values, law and order option.” Let’s look at these issues in terms of Christ himself and his teachings. “Pro-life”: Women have always found ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancies and must have done so during Jesus’s time as well. Yet Jesus never commented on nor condemned this behavior. “Pro-Christian values”: What are they, exactly? Does this refer to approving only male-female love relationships? If so, note that although homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time, Jesus never commented on it either. As for “law and order,” during Jesus’s time, the law and order people were the Romans, keeping the Jews under their thumb. Jesus was considered a rebel, a rabble rouser; that’s why they crucified him.

The values that Christ himself advocated both by word and deed are these: Love thy neighbor as thyself. Feed the poor. Take care of the sick. Include rather than exclude. Forgive. If people want to choose leaders based on “Christian values,” perhaps they should consider what Christ himself actually said and did.



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