This is an election year and our votes as citizens of the freest, most democratic country in the world were never more important. Our two political parties have come to champion vastly different ideals.

Some like to simplify it as socialism vs. democracy, open boarders vs. The Wall, equality for all vs. same old white, patriarchal traditions that have prevailed for centuries. Can it really be that simple?

It is said that the country is more divided now than it ever has been, but I’m not so sure that is actually the case, because so many have worked together to “stay home, stay safe, and slow the spread.” Our efforts at working together must continue.

Reopening America again with COVID-19 unleashed is more complicated than what we had to do at first, there will be an element of risk (which has never been completely taken away), but there are ample resources to educate ourselves about what actions we should take. Unlike the first step of social distancing, this step will have great variety as people have to assess their own risk factors and as leaders of business, school boards, nursing homes, churches and state and local governments (hopefully wisely) make rules about what will be required of their members.

As for the elections coming up this fall, there is also ample enough evidence for everyone to decide if President Trump is up to the task of leading this country another four years. He has done a press conference almost every day for the last two months. Look them up on YouTube. Listen to him talk, see the experts he has called to assist him, hear the accomplishments that have been made in record time. Listen to the questions that the reporters ask him, and the composure he maintains as day after day he invites their challenges and disrespect.

If you listen and decide for yourself that President Trump is worthy of your vote in November, then please remember that we must also work together to get his ardent opponents out of Congress as well.



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