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Letter: Demographics driving political divide

There are several recent articles about the large political divide that exists in the USA; some describe it as an incipient civil war. Some of the authors lament that the author cannot decide what are the problems.

Having closely followed events in our nation for the last several years, it appears clear to this white male that the main problem is white supremacy with a sub-item of white male supremacy.

Searching Wikipedia gives the following yearly data and a year 2050 projection for non-Hispanic white U.S. citizens' fraction of the population:

  • 1960: 85%
  • 2005: 67%
  • 2015: 62%
  • 2020: 58%
  • 2050: 47%

It has been obvious to the average white male from daily experience and news that his fraction has been declining. I think this decline is largely the fear factor that fuels white supremacy through many attendant effects.

I am not sure that the 2050 projection has adequately taken into consideration future massive increased Hispanic migration from Central and South America and other migration from warm-climate countries as world average temperature climbs rapidly from the current 1.2 degrees Celsius above the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to 2 degrees or higher.

Also, at the higher temperatures there will be massive migration from warmer U.S. states into the Appalachian Mountains for about the eastern two-thirds of the country and into the western mountain ranges; eventually the migration will be on into Canada, if Canada allows such.

The point of this letter is that the best ways to deal with the large political divide are dependent on understanding what causes it. This author leaves it up to political scientists to find those ways.

L. David Roper, Blacksburg

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