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Letter: Depose the current regime

Letter: Depose the current regime

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Our culture is divided between those who regard abortion as a good thing and those who regard abortion as a bad thing. I regard abortion as a bad thing and I am not in favor of abortion-on-demand being legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. But I am also not in favor of outlawing abortion altogether. Even abortion-on-demand, to which I am personally opposed, must be allowed early in pregnancy, with no effort on the part of the law to shame, humiliate or unduly burden women who seek an early abortion. At the same time, I affirm the paramount right of all persons not to have an abortion, without which a woman’s “right to choose” is neither a right nor a choice.

I no longer identify myself as pro-life or pro-choice, and I regard with contempt the extremists who have taken over both factions. I also do not trust either of our major political parties with regard to abortion. Having said that, the Republican Party, by its blatant disregard for the rights, the needs, and even the very lives of already-born people, has demonstrated that it is not pro-life in any meaningful sense.

I therefore call upon my fellow Americans to do whatever they peacefully and lawfully can to depose the current regime. If the Republicans remain in power, America will cease to be a free and democratic society and will not be safe for anyone, born or unborn.



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