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Letter: Disagreeing doesn't make me a criminal

Letter: Disagreeing doesn't make me a criminal


In his opinion piece published Sept. 29 ("Public good does not equate to destruction of Earth"), Alan Graf stated in part … "fossil fuels which only the criminally naive believe have no connection to the extreme climate changes from hurricanes…” In direct contradiction to this, the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory states in their latest Overview of Current Research Reports (revised Aug. 9, 2021), “There is no strong evidence of increasing trends in U.S. landfalling hurricanes or major hurricanes, or of Atlantic basin-wide hurricanes or major hurricanes since the late 1800s.”

It’s not that Mr. Graf is only wrong about the attribution of “changes,” it’s that there have been no statistically significant changes to attribute. Many people of good will believe that hurricanes are getting more numerous and more severe because the media and politicians and alarmists repeat it endlessly, but even the most wild-eyed alarmists that look at the actual data know that so far the predictions of alarming increases have yet to be observed (I am being very specific about hurricanes because Mr. Graf used that specific phenomena and because the current science is so clear regarding the lack of a trend).

In a (thankfully and inarguably) warming world of countless cycles, I expect that a trend in hurricanes will emerge, and then the almost infinitely complicated study of attribution will be appropriate. But believing in that trend now is religion, not science. (“Please God, please bring more and bigger hurricanes so I can be right and use that to make more laws to make more people do what I believe they should do … Please God! It’s for their own good!)

My disagreement with Mr. Graf does not make me “criminally” anything. I do wonder, though, what he would make my punishment for the crime of disagreeing with his beliefs? (And really, I wouldn’t have even bothered to rebut his beliefs about hurricanes if he hadn’t called me a criminal for my beliefs. I hate being called a criminal for my beliefs.)

Russ Orrison, Lexington


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