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Letter: Don't let fear-mongering stop you from voting

So, a candidate for Salem City Council said, “I think a lot of states didn’t go through the proper procedures for the [2020] elections.” Did he? Really? (Nov. 1, "GOP candidate at Jan. 6 rally")

I’d like to ask him: which states exactly, sir? However do you know? What about the fact that there were no failures to proceed properly — unless you count the improprieties of those who wished a person who lost had gotten enough votes to win?

In other words: horsefeathers! How dumb does this gentleman think we are?

And: why do all the “election deniers” want us to give up on the idea that our votes matter?

That this would-be Salem City Council member chose to attend the “rally” in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, is fine with me. I too have been quite interested in what our former president had to say that day — including the part where he urged his supporters to go to our nation’s Capitol building and “fight like hell” to block the proper procedures for wrapping up a presidential election.

But my beef is not so much with one man from Salem. No one who loves this nation should support anyone who attempts to undermine the democratic process by spewing such dangerous nonsense. All of us who have the precious right to vote for those we think most qualified should do so, on or before Nov. 8. Don’t let the fear-mongers and conspiracy wack-jobs stop you. Vote.

Jeanne Larsen, Roanoke

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