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Letter: Don't vote for Democrats

Letter: Don't vote for Democrats


When Donald Trump was president his policies gave America energy independence for the first time in 70 years. He negotiated new pro-American trade agreements, brought back manufacturing jobs to America and created more than 5 million new jobs. He stood up to China’s trade cheating, something no other president had done, and gave American workers new pride and prosperity.

The Southern border was under control. North Korea quieted its saber-rattling. Trump destroyed ISIS, and brokered peace deals between Israel and five other Arab nations. Of course, if you live in the CNN-MSNBC bubble, you may have never heard of the Abraham Accords, for which Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

And now with Joe Biden what do we have? Canceled XL pipeline, thousands of jobs gone, we’re again begging OPEC for oil, southern border in shambles, 70,000 illegals per month walking in, crime and inflation on the rise. As South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said, “I had no idea anyone alive could wreck the country as fast as Joe Biden has.”

Then came the Biden disaster in Afghanistan. It’s bad enough he abandoned billions of dollars worth of high-tech weaponry to likely be studied and copied by China. Worse, he has brought blood-guilt on America. Thousands of Afghan interpreters and those who helped our troops, and defenseless Afghan Christians — Biden has abandoned them to the tender mercies of radical Islamists; and he shows not the slightest remorse.

This national disgrace of a Biden presidency was engineered and foisted on America exclusively by the Democratic Party. For that reason alone no rational person should vote for any Democrat for any office whatsoever.

Here in Virginia voters should reject Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former operative for Hillary Clinton whose questionable fundraising tactics earned him an FBI investigation in 2016. Instead we should take Virginia back from the Washington swamp. Give control of our state government and legislature, and every office down the ballot, to Republicans exclusively. Vote for Glenn Youngkin for governor, Winsome Sears for lieutenant governor, and Jason Miyares for attorney general. Virginians and Americans will thank you.

Tom Taylor, Roanoke


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