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Letter: Dual questionable destinations

Letter: Dual questionable destinations

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Betsy Biesenbach takes her readers on a delightful reminiscing ride through history, but she arrives at dual questionable destinations (“How will future generations remember this?” April 9).

Biesenbach’s first non-sequitur is that “universal health care” will likely be our response to the current COVID-19 crisis. The truth is the coronavirus began in a nation whose citizens are locked into a centralized command-and-control form of government. Chinese officials knew about the crisis for weeks and neither informed their own people nor allowed international epidemiological teams to assist, including the U.S. Center for Disease Control. The botched initial response to the virus by the Chinese communist government could not have occurred in a nation with the speech and press freedoms we enjoy in America. “Universal health care” is a step in the direction of the China system. If we want our next health crisis to spiral out of control as COVID-19 has, then we should shift to a system totally controlled by the government.

Ms. Biesenbach then attempts to equate President Trump with Herbert Hoover. Let’s return to reality here. Hoover was reticent about using federal money to fight the Great Depression; Trump has teamed with Congress to assemble three aid packages, the third of which was for $2 trillion. That staggering amount is equal to 10% of U.S. gross domestic product, and the package is the largest economic stimulus package in our nation’s history. Biesenbach criticizes Trump for “deflecting blame [and] passing off disinformation as the truth.” The President has certainly not been correct with all of his projections, but he is laboring to get America back to work safely without becoming Stalinist. That is what American presidents should do. And of course, projections have changed on an hourly basis at times. Regarding the blame and disinformation statement, Trump actually deserves credit for correcting China’s lies about the virus coming to China because of American military personnel visiting there. Maybe Biesenbach should be praised for avoiding the wearying “Trump is Hitler” narrative; but on second thought, perhaps she thinks Trump has not been enough of a dictator regarding COVID-19.



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