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Letter: Elect Republicans to city council

Letter: Elect Republicans to city council

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The Republican Party in Roanoke has nominated Peg McGuire and Maynard Keller to fill council seats. It will not be a smooth path to the municipal building for the reason of the distance between the party and the citizens of Roanoke. The Democratic Party has planted its roots deeply in the city. Electing Democrats has proven the acceptability of their work by the majority of the voters in Roanoke. Despite the strenuous process to defeat the incumbents who have been occupied the seats and established relationships with people, it is not impossible for Republican candidates to shift the direction of the city and create a stream for new ideas that serve the Citizens of Roanoke.

To build a bridge and connect with people on the local level, and to understanding the problems that have been ignored by the current council, providing logical solutions should beĀ  the Republicans' agenda in Roanoke. To attract the citizens and win their votes, the Republicans must avoid the national political conflicts and focus on the issues of Roanoke. It is a rugged road because based on the results of the past elections, the majority of the respective Roanoke voters are Democrat supporters. In the general elections from 2000 until 2016 the Democratic presidential candidates were the winners in Roanoke. Ralph Smith was the last Republican mayor served from 2000 until 2004, and since, Roanoke has not elected Republicans.

The voter turnout of Roanoke in the general election will reflect on the local election, and since the latter was moved from May to November, it is more encouragement for people to cast their votes for the local candidates in the same day and same ballot of the general electionBy moving the election to November, the Democrats have increased their possibility for reelection in the city. Hence, the Republicans are remaining in an inelastic situation until changing the strategy and removing the barriers between the party and the ordinary citizens of Roanoke . However, to consider McGuire and Keller for city council should be based on their agenda, and they might open a new and bright chapter in Roanoke.



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