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Letter: Elections are bedrock of democracy

Letter: Elections are bedrock of democracy

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There have been numerous articles lately claiming that there was no fraud in the presidential election. Fraud exists in every election. Can anyone seriously claim that out of 150 million votes there wasn't one fraudulent vote? There wasn't one person who voted twice, one deceased person who voted, or one election official who altered a vote. The question is the extent. Was it 1, 100, 1,000, 10,000, and so forth. To what extent did it exist and did it affect the outcome of the election?

We have a situation in the country where 70% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats think that fraud existed in the election. The average man on the street doesn't care about the "legal standing" or judicial "merits" of a case. He wants fraud thoroughly investigated and the conclusions presented logically to the public. He would also like the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of a state supreme court justice (i.e. Pennsylvania), a governor, or other state executive officials altering or changing state election laws.

This isn't fraud, but something that obviously effected the election and should have been addressed by the Supreme Court before the election. After the election the question of remedy if these actions are ruled unconstitutional becomes impossible. Unlike judges (most appointed) Rep. Griffith is an elected official. He has a responsibility to address the concerns of his constituents (half of which think fraud occurred in the election). It doesn't matter what Judge Clark or Rep. Griffith may believe personally, he has an obligation to be an advocate for his constituents. However, the bigger issue is the need to restore confidence in the election process, and that can only be accomplished with an investigation and consequent public belief that we have a fair election system.

What the country doesn't need is to have citizens with legitimate concerns berated and called un-American and a threat to our democratic institutions. Elections are the bedrock of our democracy.

Winfred Garst, Blacksburg


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