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Letter: Fake claims of one political party

Letter: Fake claims of one political party

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There is only one political party accusing others of sedition, and possible treason. Only one party is promoting the possibility of some white supremacist group overthrowing our government. It is the Democrats!

There is only one party suggesting that some of these dissidents are in our military. Yep, it’s Democrats — the same “progressives” that ordered them in mass, to come to Washington, D.C., as security for Ol’ Joe’s inauguration. They were not provided hot food, nor housing; in fact, they were forced to sleep on the ground, in open garages in winter. To add insult, Democrats insisted these soldiers be “vetted” to assure loyalty to POTUS. Unbelievable.

Leave it to Democrats to make D.C. look like a “war zone.” Armed militia marching to and fro, with loaded rifles on their backs, and miles of huge razor, barb wire fencing lurking behind them. In truth, the only encounter since being here has been with a contingent of BLM/Antifa marching through Washington, shouting “burn it down.”

So what’s this all about? Well, Democrats know that their party’s “brand” has suffered under the BLM/Antifa protests, riots and burnings. Even worse, they supported the accompanying “Defund the Police” movement. So, they use this false narrative hoping that it will help and, hopefully, shift this lawless brand to Republicans.

Still, Democrats and their liberal media keep this false narrative alive — that domestic terrorists plan to attack Washington, D.C. Even FBI Director Christopher Wray does not take it seriously, since he is too busy cleaning up the mess left by Comey. Count on Nancy Pelosi to continue to insist that the National Guard stay around, to protect the Congressional delegation; she likes conspiracy theories.

Lest we forget, these are the same Democrats that hated President Trump, never accepting him as duly elected, and for four years continuously harassed him with impeachment, and the Russian Collusion Hoax. And Democrats, be advised that Progressives do not like President Biden much either. So, if domestic dissidents do come for him, assume it’s an “inside job,” and question Kamala, Bernie and AOC first.

Phillip W. Unger, Daleville


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