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Letter: Get the facts right

Letter: Get the facts right

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The June 29 lead letter to the editor ("Hope voices will be heard") was a disappointment for a couple of reasons. First - two men who are using their titles as men of God either ignorantly or willfully conflated facts. Rodney King did not die at the hands of police. He reportedly died from an accidental drowning in 2012. Likewise, as has been exhaustively reported in the news, Ahmaud Arbery also did not die as a result of police action. God's ninth commandment warns us against bearing false witness.

If these men in prominent Christian leadership positions think the current protest violence is wrong, why not forcefully say so, rather than ambiguously saying "we would not take part." Rather than pander to mob hysteria, they should be more than qualified to help us interpret and apply God's Word to see our way peacefully through these times. As Paul says in Galatians, we are all God's children. These men can use their voices to help us move toward that ideal.

Secondly, if letters are "subject to editing," why did the Times editorial staff allow this letter to go to print with glaring factual inaccuracies?



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