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Letter: Government always trying to squeeze Americans for more money

Letter: Government always trying to squeeze Americans for more money


I hear and read we are going to get some more tax increases, like that’s something new! They only seem to inform us on taxes that they can’t hide. For instance now when Virginians renew their license plates they are required to pay a road tax, that’s a new one when you renew!

We the people years ago gave them permission to put their hands in our pockets and take what they need and want no matter how reckless they are with our money.

Doubt me? Back in the day we gave them permission to extract a federal withholding tax from our paychecks, then Social Security, unemployment tax, state tax and more.

Each year they all seemed to increase without our consent. To this day no one really knows how much they earn, only what they take home. Didn’t we fight a bloody battle with the British over unfair taxes? Now we have our own doing it to us!

After months of high prices on everything, the government brains have admitted we have inflation. Guess they haven’t been to a store or gas station since the new administration took over. Why do prices change so drastically from one administration to another, when they are both supposed to be for helping the people and economy?

I truly believe there is a party that is destined to eliminate the middle class, having only the poor who they can control by what they provide to them and the rich who support these parties.

The middle class is a burden to them because they can’t control them! People need to become more aware of what’s going on before its to late.

Daniel Buonocore, Rocky Mount

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