Anyone with a pulse has been devastated by what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis. There needs to be retribution in our judicial system as swiftly as possible. The protests across this nation are justified 100%. But the level of barbarism resulting in the destruction of community businesses is extremely disturbing. I argue that this is the fruition of a carefully nurtured narrative portraying deep systemic racism in this country. This assertion is patently false! Does racism exist today? Unfortunately, yes, but on a scale so very removed and isolated. Too many in the media sow division while they tirelessly paint the dire picture of a society under control of “white supremacy.” When an occasional bad actor surfaces and an injustice is committed, like clock work, a most disgusting display of political leveraging undoubtedly dominates the news cycle.

So I ask you, if a sincere concern for the upliftment of our African American brothers and sisters exists why the utter silence at the accomplishments of the Trump administration in this regard? The answer is simple - it doesn’t play well for the political party that too many in the media represent. Here are a few things worth noting: Prior to the pandemic, President Trump’s economic policies ushered in the lowest unemployment numbers for Black Americans in this nation’s history, signed the First Step Act and criminal justice reform, implemented the Opportunity Zones program which funnels investments into hard hit, low income communities and increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities by 25%, bringing the annual total to $250 million and making that funding permanent. How many of the rioters who are wanting to tear this country down are aware of these incredibly positive achievements? I would wager ZERO!

It is said that “it’s the strongest of characters that God gives the most challenges.” Well, these are most difficult times we find ourselves. I have firm faith that the inherent “good” this country was founded on will emerge triumphant, BUT, not by we the people sitting idly by. Hang in there America - we will persevere, we will prevail and we will overcome!



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