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Letter: Imagine if the insurrectionist shoe was on the other foot

Letter: Imagine if the insurrectionist shoe was on the other foot


Imagine that the roles in the Jan. 6 attempted insurrection were reversed.

Democrat Joe Biden had lost the election, and had been ranting that he really won, despite there being no evidence for this in every recount. His supporters had been staging violent rallies, calling election results "The Big Steal," with extremist groups like the Proud People, VowKeepers and DAnon plotting to overturn Trump's victory, Democrats in Congress vowing to decertify the vote count.

On Dec. 30, Biden calls for a rally at the White House Jan. 6 to mobilize for the battle to reverse the election results, promising "It will be wild", and thousands in a sea of blue caps assemble on that date. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio speaks before Biden, calling for a "trial by combat." Biden incites the mob to "fight like hell" and encourages them to storm the Capitol, where Congress is meeting in joint session to certify the election results.

The mob obeys, and attacks the citadel of democracy, scaling walls, breaking doors and windows to gain access, battling with Capitol police, while members of Congress scramble for safety.

A gallows has been erected to prepare to lynch VP Kamala Harris for failing to stop the certification. Meanwhile, Biden waits, watching the melee. He is urged by members of his own party to call off the attack, and finally, hours after the assault began, he tweets his followers " go home in love and peace. Remember this day forever."

Now imagine, in this scenario, what would the Republican Party and their members of Congress do?

Imagine their outrage at this attack on the foundation of our democracy, this desecration of the Constitution. Besiege the hallowed halls of Congress? Commit acts of violence against the People's House? Threaten the elected representatives of our citizens? Their determination to punish the instigator (Biden) and his cohort would ring through the chambers of government.

And in real life, what has happened? Denial, whitewash, cover-up, and blame for the Democrats for not providing adequate police protection. How pathetic and treasonous.

Dick Bauman, Blacksburg

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