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Letter: Inconvenient Democratic truths

Letter: Inconvenient Democratic truths

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The inconvenient truth is that hate reigned and that a flawed candidate was elected POTUS last November.

Joe Biden is unable to govern our nation, in this precarious time when an ascending China threatens the world!

We witnessed this incompetence when the president’s “handlers” finally agreed to hold his first press conference. He showed up with more reference material and notes than even Jen Psaki requires— including a huge notebook that contained, in order, the names of reporters he should call on, the questions they would ask, and his suggested answers. Even so, he got confused and frustrated.

And consider Biden’s crisis at the southern border. He refuses to visit the border, assigns his VP the job, but Kamala will not go either. Republicans finally go. But, Ol’ Joe doesn’t like what they report, so he refuses to call it a crisis, calling it a “challenge” instead. You cannot make this kind of stuff up.

The dirty little Democrat secret is that “open borders” is what Progressives want. They are calling the shots in the Biden administration and they want illegals flooding across our borders, seeking all the “freebies”— healthcare, food stamps, education — which puts them in line for ID’s that these illegals can use to vote.

And it would be an illegal vote, but who cares.

Since Obama, Democrats always call their spending packages “stimulus”. But why? They never stimulate an economy or anything. Could it be that they are never “targeted”?

For example, they talk about "infrastructure,” but it is always political. Gifts for Democrat “blue state” governors pension funds, Planned Parenthood programs, etc.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal calls their “infrastructure” package the SEIU package, because it would spend millions helping that union organize healthcare employees across the nation.

Democrats always call Republicans “The Party of The Rich.” Not so, that title now belongs to the Democrats. Not only do they get a lot of money from “Wall Street,” but look at their billionaire donors — Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Bezos, Bloomberg’s Bloomberg, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Page and George Soros, to name just a few.

Phillip W. Unger, Daleville


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