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Letter: Joe Biden will stand with America and fight for justice

Letter: Joe Biden will stand with America and fight for justice

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It is said the Democrats . . .

• Will take our guns; we had a Democratic President for eight years and we still have our guns.

• Will ruin the economy; when the Democrats started their last eight years in office the economy was in ruin, when they left office it was booming back and unemployment was as low as it had been in years.

• Don't care about human life; what about pre-existing conditions, insurance for everyone and human rights for all?

• Don't care about God; Christians respect faith and understand that there are 10 commandments, not just one or two. Caring for others is worth the sacrifice of wearing a mask, observing social distancing, and being cautious while at church, work and school. Social distancing, wearing a mask, and hand washing have been proven to be the best way to at least slow the spread of the virus.

Some ask what Biden did in all of his years of service. He has been serving his country, loving his family, and giving everyday to help others. Now I ask what has the President done in the past almost four years to address and solve our problems? Are we better now than we were when he took office?

When I listen, really listen, to the words that come out of the mouth of our President I hear him

• Degrading our communities of faith, military, medical and environment experts, economists, and human rights and gun rights advocates.

• Follow the words of dictators and con men over the words of America’s Military and Statesmen.

• Using people then tossing them aside like bits of trash.

• Encouraging the destruction of animals, land, water and air.

Our country is suffering with a fog over the eyes of those who blindly follow the President without question. History tells us what happens to nations that do that.

Joe Biden has faith, compassion, an understanding of our human needs. He is a gentle loving leader with a heart of determination and grit that will stand with America against foreign intrusion and always fight for justice.



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