Yesterday one of my favorite business associates, who lives out his faith yet also has maintained a Democratic leaning, walks in my presence asserting that he is leaving the Democratic Party and is going to become an independent.

Why would logic not eventually produce such response? The Democratic Party is being exposed because the Republican Party is no longer led by self interest, campaign promise breakers who simply toe to the D.C. Swamp. So now the Democrats have an opponent who is a real life “Rocky”, a man willing to get in the ring and stay in the ring! His motivation has proven to be stronger than sustaining body blows, bloodied noses and battered black fact it seems he enjoys the fight and has the wherewithal to endure the vicious onslaught of fisticuffs exchanged center ring. After Round 3 the scorecard gives Trump a resounding 3-0 lead, however in this Battle Royale the DNC’s “tag team” included a conspired alliance with the MSM, so getting past Round 4 is going to require unprecedented resilience, savvy combined with Trump’s competition instincts to win.

Back to my friend who like many America loving moderates are heading for the shade tree of Independent status. Who can stand with a party leadership exposed of reckless purpose that fails to serve the needs of their own constituents? Their quest for power has led to feverish, misguided, sloppy strategies that leave honorable Americans unable to swallow such duplicity.

I shake my head at the lack of moral compass with those orchestrating the Russian collusion lie, attempted Kavanaugh assassination, desperate Ukraine obstruction. How about those associated with Jeffrey Epstein? The light will continue to illuminate the behaviors, motives and outcomes. America has a chance to restructure the culture as long as Rocky can answer the bell.



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