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Letter: Listen to medical profession on vaccines

Letter: Listen to medical profession on vaccines


I read with interest the June 23 op-ed on the opinion page by Angela Davis ("Reconsider vaccine mandate") and her very conservative view of the coronavirus pandemic.

Indeed the vaccines are experimental according to our existing laws and everyone has the right to consider whether to take the shot(s) or not. In this consideration, people are urged to listen to what the medical profession has to say and draw conclusions on what to do. However, in her "Risk vs. Benefit," she has a startling error in her referring to the death rate of 0.017%.

What she failed to do is convert the ratio to percent. There have been 602,863 deaths out of 33,579,620 cases. To calculate this is (#deaths/#cases)x100=1.795%.

My view is that much of people's reluctance is the belief that it is a minor risk. Regarding the side effects relating to the heart, I would agree that more data and risk by age/sex groups need to be put before the public.

The article makes a statement of 99% recovery rate but she doesn't cite where she got this data. If almost 2% have died plus those that have ongoing problems, compare that with the number of heart problems over the number of people vaccinated and you get a better risk assessment.

I for one, will allow the medical people to decide what's best for the population.

Ronald Nemura, Roanoke


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