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Letter: Messed with Texas!

Letter: Messed with Texas!

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The fossil fuel capitol of the U.S. is freezing. The state created their own power grid to avoid regulation and dependence on the federal government (the only U.S. state to do so). What could possibly go wrong?)

The Lone Star State denigrated California mightily when their power grids shut down during the heat waves and wildfires last year. And Trump criticized them for not "raking their forests." But, Biden, for whom Texas did not vote, just authorized emergency assistance (damn socialist libtard!)

Now, unbelievably, Texas politicos are blaming frozen wind turbines for their woes, even though they account for a small fraction of the non-functioning power grid -- with petro and nuclear making up the bulk. And, they are even blaming the Green New Deal (which doesn't exist yet) for their misery.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz (Mr. Pipeline) just burned a few thousand gallons of jet fuel to fly off to sunny Cancun for a vacation with his family.

MORE IRONY: Uneducated people are largely unaware that Texas was stolen from Mexico. Yup, Mexico invited Americans to settle their territory, but when the settlers didn't like abiding by Mexican laws, they rebelled (remember the Alamo?). Kind of like if you let someone live rent-free in your vacation home, but when they didn't want to honor the terms of their free lease, they kicked your butt when you tried to evict them.

The old stereotype of Texans being loud-mouthed braggarts is not without foundation. I know several native Texans who are good-hearted people but somewhat obnoxious in that regard.

I feel for anyone in dire straits not of their own making, but I'm conflicted on this one.

Mike Spriegel, Fairlawn


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