It is to be expected to hear lies and dumb statements from Donald Trump, but it is a sad situation when a person in the position of Jerry Falwell seems to follow the same path especially at a time when the country needs healing rather than more divisive remarks from high profile persons.

The face mask tweet certainly qualifies as unwise, then his attempt to justify it was ridiculous. He has no proof that Gov. Northam acted just to hurt liberty, and his claims that Democrats are racist is really off the wall. He knows that racism exists in both parties and neither party can claim that it does not exist.

I think he not only owes the black community an apology but since he brings Jesus into the picture maybe he should focus on some of the other things He taught and practiced rather than claiming that his actions and words are justified by the gospels. As Christians we all need to say and do things that help, not to hurt and tear down. Mr. Falwell is no exception.



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