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Letter: No police? PFFFFFFFFFT!

Letter: No police? PFFFFFFFFFT!

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I hear all this juvenile talk about defunding the police or doing away with them all together and have to laugh.

First off, what are these so called journalists going to do when the public finds it's you all whose been whipping this idea up? When there's no police, there's no law, no law? No taxes. No taxes, no food stamps and no welfare, no need for government. No government? No military. No military? The country falls apart.

Think about it. No need to worry about drugs, who they kill, etc. Someone makes ya mad? Beat em up, shoot em. There's no one to call and think about it men. That woman don't shut up? Who she gonna call? Gangs get to shooting up the neighborhood. Tough stuff. Hell, leave the baby in the car with 100 degree heat, you good!

Make your own money up and spend it. There ain't no government to give ya a hard time about it. Drive as fast and as drunk as you want to be. And this might be the best part. Do what we want with those corrupt politicians. You know, those that claim, "no one is above the law" and have been stealing our money for years and years, "Killin babies ain't murder," those politicians. Who they gonna call?



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