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Letter: Oh boo hoo

Letter: Oh boo hoo

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Oh boo hoo; we’re not special

People ask why has the United States failed cosmically in effectively addressing the coronavirus?

It is because we are special.

They said so in school, even. Some of our ancestors had the grit to ditch it all and sail an unknown sea to unknown worlds. Then did what all they did to the peoples here, depending of course on what your elementary school education provided you an understanding of. Perhaps ‘grit’ steels ‘special’ humans to do, um, ‘difficult’ things.

Anyways, regardless, we are SPECIAL, by proclamation and decree. So we should not a one of us have to be put out to deal in any effective way with anything, certainly not something as miniscule as a virus. We ‘deserve’ to have our desired ways, every comfortable one of them every day, unfettered by any troublesome thing such as reality.

Waaaayl, as they say in the South. Thing is, Homosapiens, yes even us, are, Biology 101, mammals. Can’t escape it. Viruses infect, and kill, mammals. Yes, even the mammals who proclaim themselves ‘above all the rest of them.’ Any person so special that reality can’t touch ‘em, waaaayl, be happy: you are a future statistic. As, much more significantly, are YOUR VICTIMS who you willingly infect and kill. At every level of government, and throughout the general population: your personal fellow human victims stand helpless in your (special) path.

Across planet Earth, other peoples got it. Viruses kill humans. We’re all humans. DUH. Stop the killer virus. Oh wait, Americans: Special. Can’t impinge upon MY rights! Gotta eat out (food can’t be had at home in this country), run around, have gatherings, defend our “amendments.” Amendments, of course and always, are much more important than survival. Certainly, far and away, much more important than the survival of loved ones, of other fellow Americans. Thinks the reader otherwise?

The new patriotism. Freedom to die. Freedom to kill. What so proudly we hailed. Long stand Amendments!

Reality, ah, she is one sneaky wench.

The virus laughs.



Call Griffith to complain about USPSIn May of this year I received the following assurance in an email from Rep. Morgan Griffith, in response to my concerns regarding threats to the U.S .Postal Service:

“The USPS has a long history of connecting Americans going back to just after the Republic was founded. The founders saw the value in making sure that everyone in the young nation had an opportunity to communicate and conduct commerce by post and as such, it is one of the few institutions explicitly laid out in our Constitution.

Many folks living in rural areas rely on mail delivery for a reliable, economical connection to other parts of the world, and we must ensure that Americans living in rural areas have access to these connections recognized by our founders.

Please know that, like you, I believe our postal system is important and will look for ways to be helpful moving forward.”

Thus I took full note that Rep. Griffith failed to join 26 of his Republican colleagues who voted yesterday to provide much-needed funds to an institution vital to rural constituents. His choice may be “helpful” to today’s GOP, a party that seems to base its electability on ensuring the fewest number of citizens vote. It doesn’t help those in Virginia District 9 waiting for medicines arriving late (like the vast majority of people who receive care through the Veterans Administration) or awaiting Social Security checks. I encourage all those affected to call Rep. Griffith’s office for redress.

Adrienne Lea, Laurel Fork

Protesters didn’t spit on Vietnam vets

In his politically inspired attack on our president in the Roanoke Times on October 2, 2020, Mr. Dana Jacobs claims he was repeatedly spat upon by his fellow citizens during his service in the Naval Reserve and Air Force from 1965 to 1972. His claims are doubtful. According to the New York Times (NYT) article “The Myth of the Spitting Antiwar Protester” printed October 13, 2017, there has been no evidence of any antiwar protester or other citizen spitting on veterans, then or now. No photographs, verifiable news stories, or other evidence exists to show that these implausible claims by some veterans had any truth to them. The New York Times article further notes a number of polls that provide evidence that antiwar protesters and others actually had warm feelings toward returning veterans and attempted to recruit them to their cause.

As a combat wounded veteran of Vietnam, I can attest that I was treated with dignity and respect when I returned twice from my tours overseas. Never have I seen any evidence that I or any of my veteran cohorts were treated shabbily. I confirm the New York Times findings. I routinely wore my uniform when traveling with no issues. My only regret is that, out of self-consciousness, and despite my mother’s desires, I did not wear my uniform when I attended church with her while I was home between tours.

Mr. Jacobs, do not perpetuate lies about how veterans were treated to advance your political agenda of supporting a specific presidential candidate or attacking our President. The majority of veterans and current military members are highly supportive of President Trump and his recognition of their loyalty to the country. My evidence is substantiated by my youngest son who recently returned from a military deployment in Eastern Europe. He and the majority of his modern military comrades unhesitatingly support the current administration.

Frank Longaker, Roanoke County

The unbelievable really happened

Response to “In dream, Falwell shares cell with Trump” (Sept. 15 column).

Dan Casey, your dream was, as you explained, a “humdinger.” MY dreams don’t make a bit if sense. Sometimes I try to go back to sleep to finish them in a feeble attempt to make them more logical.

Your dream, on the other hand, (unfortunately) made PERFECT sense. Every vision you had of both Trump and Falwell reflected things that have actually happened!

Yes, as unbelievable as they seemed, they REALLY happened.

For example,

“Two Corinthians” (Trump)

“Mexicans are drug dealers, criminals, and rapists.” (Trump)

“And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything, grab them by the ***** (Trump)

The pool boy and the Swiss maid’s outfit (Falwell), also FACTUAL.

I wanted to laugh as I drank my coffee and ate my cereal. I WANTED to laugh. What an insane and crazy dream. Only it wasn’t an insane OR crazy dream and I grieve.

Or should I be hopeful that perhaps Trump and Falwell really WILL share the same prison cell?

Nancy Trussell, Roanoke

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