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Letter: Open letter to Rep. Griffith

Letter: Open letter to Rep. Griffith

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I read with interest your explanation for your support of Donald Trump's efforts to usurp the recent election.

The election which has been characterized by many Republican and Democratic election officials as the most secure and fair election in our history. It was the election with the largest voter participation in our history, another important measure of the quality of the electoral process.

Your objection to the election and explanation of your participation in the effort to usurp it focused only on states where your candidate lost. That makes your motive less than the "true to the constitution" claim you are making, though you allude there might be such “electoral flaws” in Republican won states.

Your claim is that in the face of the pandemic, the actions of state election officials to change the detailed conduct of the election by permitting mail in ballots for anyone, the use of drop boxes, and the permitting of early voting among other electoral processes constitute violations of the Constitution when not directly identified by state legislative actions.

To me the question is this: when a state official is authorized to conduct an election by his/her state legislature, must that Secretary of State or other person have legislative approval of the detailed location of every voting place, the exact number of voting locations, and other such details, in order to comply with the requirements of the constitution?

If a state has used early voting and mailed in voting in the past to accommodate citizens of the state and has had a history of long lines at voting places, is it unconstitutional to expand those means of voting to encourage more voter participation?

Would that not come under the discretionary authority of the legislatively appointed state official?

Your fidelity to Trump, his lies and efforts to usurp the election by any means are transparent.

They violate your own obligations to the Constitution, no matter your contortion of the actions of honorable Democratic and Republican state officials to carry out elections as constitutionally questionable.

You are unworthy to serve as my Representative to the U.S. Congress.

George McDowell, Christiansburg


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