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Letter: Put a stop to political vanities

Letter: Put a stop to political vanities

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It is said that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our local Democratic Party here in Roanoke seems to be running rampant with corruption the following ways: by not meeting the genuine needs of the people, by putting the party before a true democratic action of actual voting, and by selfishly voting people into power and only giving the choice to elect to a small few. I do not think that this is the best decision and it shows arrogance and poor leadership. Roanoke needs people who do not squander time vying for power and they also need people who are willing to go beyond selfish agendas. We need to put a stop to the vanities of self-righteous pretenders who aren't truly looking out for their neighbors.

To me it seems we have some people who arrogantly believe that a title takes precedence over good leadership but in these times, there will be less ribbons to cut and more people who will need more than pretty words and false hope. As a citizen, I am personally disgusted by the disingenuous behavior but I am not really surprised. There are some people that I've worked with on city council who truly do care about the people that they serve and then you have some that are just there warming a seat and using our town as a stepping stone to build onto a list of accolades that will just end up blowing in the wind. I don't care about your social status, however I do care about great leadership and getting the work done that will help all people. If you aren't about a real movement, then you need to get out of the way.



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