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Letter: Racism needs to go

Letter: Racism needs to go

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A few weeks ago I was traveling from Lynchburg and stopped at a market on U.S. 460 for gas. As soon as I exited the vehicle the hair stood up on the back of my neck and every fiber of my being was screaming that I was in danger.

I went into the market and encountered a white male customer who kept staring at me as if he hated me. I paid for my gas, and as I was walking to the pump I noticed another white male who was giving me the evil eye. The hatred was so strong that I was almost shaking and felt like I needed to run and never look back.

Two days later the passenger who rode with me said that he had not wanted to tell me this but he had a bad feeling as I was getting the gas and he asked me to never stop at that store again.

He also noticed the man outside who was giving me dirty looks. When I shared this with my daughter, she admitted that the same thing happened to her when she was traveling back and forth to Liberty University.

She stopped at the same store for gas and said that all her senses were on high alert as if she was in danger and she was made to feel unwelcome.

How sad that anyone could hate another person without even knowing them just because of the color of their skin.

Even worse is when the hatred is so strong you can actually feel it in a particular area.

Is it any wonder that black people have higher rates of disease because of the stress of having to deal with this type of ignorance?

Cheryl Preston, Roanoke


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